Clint Mansell – Dead Reckoning

24 Nov

Clint Mansell is a multi-talented musician. Besides being a vocalist/guitarist and keyboard player for the rock band Pop Will Eat Itself , Mansell is also a film composer. And very good at it also. He has been the composer for films like Moon, The Rebound, Faster and recently The Iron Lady, but Mansell is most famously known for his collaborations with director Darren Aranofsky which resulted in the original soundtracks of movies such as The Fountain, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream (he composed Lux Aeterna, you will definitely recognize that) and Black Swan. Surprisingly, Clint Mansell has never won a major film award, like Best Original Score for a Motion Picture, for his work. As a matter of fact, he has only received a Golden Globe nomination for his work for the movie The Fountain (one of the best soundtracks for a movie, really). But yeah, a disgrace since he is one of the very best film composers.

The song Dead Reckoning however, comes from the original soundtrack of the movie Smokin’ Aces. A movie that is action packed to say the least and as an action movie is quite entertaining to watch. If you are looking for a high quality movie, this isn’t your thing. But still it has its moments that stand out from other mediocre action movies. And why? Well, because of the music of course. I have to watch the movie again to give a better and more grounded judgment about it, but since this is a music blog I will not do this.

The song Dead Reckoning is played at the very ending of the movie. The song is used to give the ending of the movie a more dramatic notion and it succeeds without a doubt. The song starts slowly with some string music. A little piano is heard. A guitar comes in. Slowly, very slowly the song builds. Tension is rising. The tempo rises. The guitar takes the lead. And then: emotion, drama and melancholy. All in the music. Great song, great composer, great scene, great ending.


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