Perfect Soul Song

18 Nov

What’s the definition of a good soul song? What kind of ingredients are essential for that perfect song? What do all those Sam Cooke, Otis Redding or Aretha Franklin songs have in common, that is making them as legendary as we think they are?

Ofcourse, there is not one formula to make such a song. Thank god for that. There is enough music around based on formulas, with selling as much as possible as their main priority. That is why we shouldn’t want strict formulas in music or other art forms.

Until I heard this song: Bullets Don’t Have Eyes by ’60s soul duo Eddie & Ernie. Everytime I hear it, I’m feeling like listening to everything a soul song needs. It starts with this clean guitar lick and then the groovy horn part starts. From that moment you will get sucked into the rhythm and the drama of the song. It has everything, from great vocals to a great chord progression, from a great rhythm section to that beautiful title. And then, after only two and half minutes, it stops. It feels like a rollercoaster stopped and you have just heard everything that you want to hear.

It will make you listen to this song over and over, mark my words.


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