Sexy Floating Girls

17 Nov

Last summer I was working as a bartender at the Parade, a theater festival in Amsterdam. Apart from a lot of culture and alcohol, there is a carousel which really is the mascot of the festival. So the moment when the carousel makes his last rounds on the last day, it goes together with a specific song. Maybe it was the sad moment or maybe it was the surrounding with all the people hidden behind the smoke of the fogger. Anyway, I thought it was a great song. It has this dreamy, relaxing vibe to it that I thought was amazing.

Back home I couldn’t find it. I searched the internet, but the only thing I knew was that it came from a porn movie. So that was a good start. Still, I couldn’t find it. But today I suddenly found it and it was as great as the first time I heard it: Sexy Girls by Gert Wilden & Orchestra. For the interested, it comes from the movie “Mädchen Die Nach München Kommen”.

This great song got me (ofcourse!) interested in other typical porn music. That way I found out about for example Klaus Harmony. What a great name and what great songs, like Dub Down Dirty, Dealing With The Fuzz and last but not least Nicht Stoppen.


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