Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love

17 Nov

Yes, Bob Marley. Can’t go wrong with Bob Marley! Although this won’t be a song that is new to anybody (I certainly may hope not!), I still chose it as the subject of my first post. Firstly of course because it is a great song, but also because this song brings back very special memories (and for that matter, also because we will post every kind of music that is just good, may it be a a well known song like this or a good underground techno track).

When listening to this song I will always remember the many many many hours I spent laying in bed with my girlfriend, just laying there, talking, kissing and listening to Is This Love. A whole summer spent just on that bed, with the sound of Bob Marley coming out of my speakers. At one point that summer I even considered buying a goldfish as a pet and naming it Marley after Bob Marley (didn’t buy a goldfish though). A great summer that was.

But this song also reminds me of a good friend with whom I always listened to this song when we were chilling somewhere. Something we still do. With our school we went on a trip to Rome, but the classes were split up and I didn’t go along with him to Rome because I was in another group. After the trip we found out that we both had this song on our iPods and listened to it throughout the whole trip.

So this song isn’t just a very good song, it is also a trip down memory lane. And I think I am not the only one who has fond memories of this particular song. I would recommend to listen to it and maybe it will be the soundtrack of future memories of yours.


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